Bride's morning

How to prepare for a bridal morning photo shoot

 Absolutely all brides on their wedding day are a little nervous and worried.
 There is one win-win way to reduce your anxiety!
 Prepare a playlist of your favorite songs that relax you and lift your spirits.


 The groom is always photographed already in a suit.
 But for the bride it is better to prepare an outfit.  It can be a plain dressing gown, a satin dress or a bodysuit, or maybe underwear.
 Agree it always looks better and more elegant than a T-shirt and jeans.



Traces on the body from clothes. 

Don’t wear clothes on the morning of your wedding day that might leave marks on your body (bra, socks, etc.), especially if you’re will wearing an open wedding dress.


 With a veil, you can make gorgeous portraits!  From which you will be one hundred percent delighted.
 Even if veil is not included in your wedding look.  Veil can only be used for a photo shoot in the morning of the bride.


 Invitations are an important part of a wedding.  We know with what trepidation you prepared them.  So let’s take photos for your wedding printing. They look great on the photos with rings and the bride’s bouquet.


 I know for sure that after the dress, veil and shoes, every bride chooses a special jewelry for her wedding day.  And these decorations also deserve some photos.


 Oo!  Smells is part of our memories!  Agree, you also have a perfume that is associated with some period of life.  Therefore, on the wedding day, it is also important.  Then this smell will return you to your wedding day!
 And of course, a beautiful perfume bottle always looks great in the photo.


 How much time did you spend choosing your amazing dress?!  You have probably looked through hundreds of posts on social networks, imagining yourself in various dresses.  You visited several salons and tried on a dozen dresses until you found exactly the one - special!

 But very often brides forget about one very important detail for their dress.
 This is a hanger.
 Agree that your dress deserves beautiful photos!  And unfortunately very often it is the hanger that spoils all the beauty.
 The easiest option is, for example, a white wooden hanger that can be found in any store.


 This is also a great option to diversify your wedding product photography and make it unique!


 Ask your florist to prepare for you some sprigs of flowers and leaves, such as will be in your bouquet.  They are very helpful in composing when the photographer takes subject photography of invitations, rings, etc.



Your vows written by hand or letters to each other.
If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to do it!  And after the wedding, you can keep these letters.

 Letters to each other are amazing material for photos and videos on your wedding day.
 Write letters to each other and do not show them to each other.  And on the morning of your wedding day, you can read them.  These will be emotional photos and videos.

 What to write about?

 Write about feelings!

 For example, think about the day you first met.  What feelings did you have then.
 Or the day you realized you couldn’t live without that person.
 Maybe about what you love about your partner.
 You can also write about your feelings on the day when he (she) proposed and presented the coveted ring.

The most important!
 Limit yourself from the hustle and bustle and allocate an hour of time just for the morning photo session of the bride.  Because this will never happen again!  And wedding photos and videos will remind you of this day! 

So let the memories be joyful!