How to store a photo book?

Although the photo book looks like a book, it uses materials other than typical bookstore offset books. Therefore, the technology for storing photo books also varies. To keep your memories in perfect condition, follow our instructions.

Avoid direct sunlight. Photobooks fade and dry. Ideal - a gift box designed specifically for optimal protection from light, dust and environmental factors. And if this is not the case, then a dark shelf will also be good.

Never store your photobooks where they can get very hot or get wet. (To put it bluntly: the window sill option is out) The best place is where the temperature is 18°C ​​+/- 2°C and the humidity is 50% +/- 10%. And if you do not keep a hygrometer nearby, then room temperature will be the best for them. Do not store the book in a container or plastic bag, place them in a place where air can circulate freely.

Photo books do not like changes in humidity and temperature: books lie perfectly in summer, but when the heating system is started, the humidity and temperature in the room decrease.

The opposite scenario occurs if you bring a fresh book from a cold street (a book on the street gains moisture from the air) - do not rush to open it at home, in warmth. It is better to lay it closed in a cool room for 4-5 hours so that it adapts.

Under these circumstances, the binding will bend or the block may become wavy. And if the photobook has already suffered such a fate, this is not critical. Just put it under your homemade "press" - a few encyclopedia books.

Store photobooks horizontally in a "stack" on a shelf or cabinet. Due to the weight of the thick pages, if stored incorrectly, the book will stress the binding and warp.

While viewing, always support the cover by laying the back of the photobook on a clean surface. Never hold a photo book by only one half of the cover, because under the weight of the album, the cover may not withstand and tear.

With love for books, and especially for the memories in them

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