10 Fears of Brides

What should a bride be afraid of on her wedding day?

Fear #1:

Hair and makeup will be ruined within a few hours.

You need to choose good specialists and go for a make-up and hair test. Ask your best bridesmaid to supervise your makeup and hair on your wedding day.


Fear #2:

Looking and feeling tired due to lack of sleep I recommend completing all things in advance 1-2 days before the wedding.

And on the eve of the wedding, just a day of pleasure. Watch a good movie, go for a walk, have dinner at your favorite restaurant.


Fear #3:

Be disappointed in the decor

This fear arises quite often, given that the high prices for decent decor and floristry. Here, only the selection of good specialists is recommended. Carefully study the portfolio and reviews, find out the budgets for the wedding decor you like, request visualization of the outdoor ceremony and dining area. There are no stupid questions, so don’t be afraid to ask decorators about any questions that concern you.


Fear #4:

Bad weather

Think about a plan B in advance for shooting and ceremony in case of bad weather.


Fear #5:

Guests will be bored at the wedding

Invite the MC to the wedding, he/she will be able to organize games and interactive activities for the guests. The “open bar” and a good DJ also provide excellent entertainment for guests.

Fear #6:

Gain weight and not fit into a dress

The stress of the last days before the wedding is usually so exhausting that you are unlikely to gain weight, but rather, on the contrary, you will lose a couple of kilograms. To be sure, try on a dress a couple of week before the wedding and make sure that you are still you, and the dress still fits perfectly.


Fear #7:

The food at dinner won't be tasty

Look on Google Maps for reviews of your venue or ask for reviews on Facebook in wedding communities. And of course you need to ask your venue about tasting.


Fear #8:

One of the vendors will be late

Here I would advise hiring a coordinator. She will be able to keep track of your schedule and all your suppliers.


Fear #9:

Stumble while walking towards the altar/arch

Practice walking in your dress and wedding shoes at home. And don’t forget that your dad will accompany you at the ceremony - this is a great support


Fear #10: Doesn't look good in photos

All you have to do is smile and be yourself, and then your wedding photo shoot will be great! And, of course, find a good photographer. And to be sure that you are irresistible, trust your image only to a professional makeup artist and stock up on powder, mattifying wipes and lip gloss.